Enjoying Binance-USD Rewards Since 2022

Hodl4Gold(H4G) utilizes a reflection contract to allow holders to passively enjoy
13% Binance-USD(BUSD) rewards directly into your wallet.

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The Art of Reflection Tokenomics

H4G is a high-yield stablecoin rewards token featuring 13% BUSD.
Earn passive income just by holding, with three easy steps.


Add H4G to your portfolio.


Hold on to your H4G.


Earn BUSD rewards.

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Our Tokenomics

13% Passive Income

With a built-in 13% redistribution on every transaction, investors earn daily passive income by simply holding H4G.

3% Liquidity

Every trade contributes to the locked liquidity pool in PancakeSwap. Initial LP will be provided by pre-sale funds raised via PinkSale.

1% Burn

1% of every transaction is sent directly to the burn wallet. This creates a true automated burn, steadily increasing the inherent value per token as more coins are taken out of the circulating supply.

1% Lotto

Up to 1% of each transaction is converted to BNB and sent to the sweepstakes pool, which will be distributed in a weekly drawing between a few lucky winners.

1% Team

Up to 1% of each transaction is converted to BNB and sent to the Team Wallet to pay team salaries, buy back and burn, donate to charitable causes, and to boost the development fund.

1% Marketing & Dev

Up to 1% of each transaction is converted to BNB and sent to the marketing wallet, which will be allocated for the marketing and development of the project.

A Single Ecosystem of Apps

A streamlined DeFi platform to help you manage, analyze and use your crypto. From charting your watchlist to tracking daily reflections, we can help you put your crypto to work.

NFT Marketplace
Rewards Dashboard
Charts & Analytics

Buy H4G now through Pancakeswap

Our Roadmap

A list of upcoming projects in development. Stay up to date as we add new products to our ecosystem.

Phase 1 - Completed 3/3
Preliminary Stage Completed
Initial Coin Offering Completed
NFT Marketplace Completed
Phase 2 - Completed 1/2
Ecosystem Launch Completed
Game Development Development
Phase 3 - Completed 0/2
Exchange Development Planning
Launchpad Planning
Phase 4 - Completed 0/2
DeFi Wallet Beta - (awaiting legal)
Research and Analytical Tools

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more questions, feel free to contact us via email or on Discord and Telegram. We're here to help!

General Questions

Our contract has been successfully audited by RugFreeCoins. Click here to read the full report.

As we believe in full transparency, the liquidity has been locked in PCS for one year. When that period expires, the community may decide if the LP will be re-locked or moved to our own DEX.

All H4G transactions are subject to tax, incuding buys, sells and transfers between wallets.

1% of every H4G transaction is automatically removed from circulating supply, in addition to our manual buy back and burn. You can view the current burn amount here.

BUSD distributions are sent automatically, simply add the contract address: 0xe9e7CEA3DedcA5984780Bafc599bD69ADd087D56 to your wallet to see your rewards.

Although reward payouts are automatic, several factors may affect its frequency: how much H4G you hold, how long you've held them, daily trading volume and transaction density.

Rewards are sent automatically, but you may visit our rewards dashboard here to manually claim your pending balance.

You may view your pending balance and reward history in our dashboard by entering your address or connecting your wallet.